"Things as They Really Are" – Elder David A. Bednar
I think it's a shame that sometimes the CES firesides, which are addressed to young single adults, often go unnoticed by the rest of the Church. When given by an Apostle, they are frequently among the most direct and instructional talks that our modern Prophets give to a large audience. Luckily, they're available on the Church website, for the rest of us. Last Sunday Elder David A. Bednar was at BYU-Idaho and gave the CES YSA fireside. I've sat there in the Hart building and listened to him speak many times when he was the President of BYU-I. As awesome and powerful as those devotionals were, ever since he became an Apostle, there is definitely something different, more powerful in his teachings of the gospel and witness of Christ. Elder Bednar spoke on the importance of our physical bodies in God's great plan of salvation. In my opinion, he taught these doctrines with great clarity. After doing so, he warned of Satan's methods of trying to get us to misuse or minimize (or