Did the Zeniff-Branch of Nephites Develop a Different Language?
Reading today in Alma 7, it struck me that Alma seems to be suggesting that he needs to speak to this group of people in a different language (emphasis added): 1. Behold my beloved brethren, seeing that I have been permitted to come unto you, therefore I attempt to address you in my language; yea, by my own mouth, seeing that it is the first time that I have spoken unto you by the words of my mouth, I having been wholly confined to the judgment-seat, having had much business that I could not come unto you. 2. And even I could not have come now at this time were it not that the judgment-seat hath been given to another, to reign in my stead; and the Lord in much mercy hath granted that I should come unto you. It sounds like he's indicating that either he shares a dialect with them that he doesn't normally use, or that formal preaching wasn't done in the common language, but he's most comfortable with it, and is going to use it. Could he also be making reference to the idea that perhaps