Book of Mormon Connections in "The Lost City of the Monkey God"
I recently finished the book The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston. It wasn't incredible. But it was definitely interesting and enjoyable, especially if you're at all interested in Mesoamerican archeology, real-world adventures, lost cities, and the like. Synopsis The short version of this book is that they found one (probably several) lost cities in the deep Honduran jungle, that hadn't been visited even by locals in probably hundreds of years, possibly since the conquistadors. There were legends of a "White City" and "City of the Monkey God" but nobody had ever penetrated deep enough into the jungle to find it. Even the locals didn't go there because of curses, which turned out to be true since sandflies in the area cary a rare form of the desease "Leishmaniasis" that can eat your face away! They found several very large cities that probably overlapped the Mayan classic period and went until the conquistadors arrived. But interestingly, they're not Mayan. They interacted