Worldwind Dancer Style for Ex3 | Ryokis Eck
I'm bad at writing Ex3 Martial Arts but I did it anyway. For those who want a stormy, elegant and occult martial arts style that profits the most from the use of heavy weapons but can also be used with medium and light weapons. Feedback is very welcome. Description: The Worldwind Dancer Style combines the slow, very carefully executed movements of a ceremonial dance to manipulate the essence flow of the air with the waywardness of creation's unbound winds and storms. Pupils of this style learn to manipulate the air around them with their own movements and breathing. Regular pupils without the skill to manipulate essence realize this through special breathing practices that are very similar to those the pupils of the Silver Voiced Nightingale Style practice. But instead of concentrating on their voice, their focus lies on the process of breathing in and out. A mortal master of this style can -just through breathing out- create a burst of wind that has at least comparable power