The Xcelsius Learning Curve Illustrated
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, formerly Xcelsius, is a great product because it provides a free-form design approach to dashboards. Like any technology, there is a learning curve for going from a novice to a guru, and time and practice is what it takes. For new dashboard developers, here is the natural process that you will go through as you learn and discover how to implement dashboards. FREE FORM DESIGN You open SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, paste some Excel data, hook up a pie chart and like magic you get a simple dashboard visual. The allure of drag and drop design and instant gratification provided by the dashboard preview panel is what draws new users every day. Now you have been tasked with building a real dashboard and you realize that you don't know where to start... The drawback of a free form design tool is that you do start with a blank canvas. The first roadblock you will hit is learning what components are available and when to use them. Wrapping your mind around