No Joe: Hillary Clinton Still Only Viable Democrat
Go ahead, disparage away. You can flip the "drip, drip, drip" for her . . . Hillary Clinton and her tenacity are not going away. Nor should she, since HC remains the only viable Democratic candidate. So no, Joe, Hillary doesn’t need any help. Long-term, largely Republican strategist Richard Gephardt was, after all, one of the first to give the Joe story legs among progressive, NPR-listening Democrats — that Hillary would be knocked out in the primaries, and then the GOP can carry the 2016-day. And say what you will, HC does not lack composure, let alone a sense of humor. HC has what I’d describe as a maternal sense of humor, and an “It Takes a Village” platform that needs a lot more play. HC’s domestic issues focus on care-giving and care-receiving, which is neither gender-specific nor sexuality-specific nor age-specific . . . It actually not only takes a village, but includes the village — as do her positions on higher education and health [...]