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Experience of the Course of the Year in Four Cosmic Imaginations By Rudolf Steiner Translated by C. Davy and D.S. Osmond GA 229 On-line since: 31st July, 2012 Read it, here: These lectures contain profound descriptions of the experience of the year in four Cosmic Imaginations. The activities of four mighty Archangels are described: Michael in autumn at Michaelmas, Gabriel in winter at Christmas, Raphael in spring at Easter, and Uriel in summer at St. John's Tide. These Imaginations provide material for endless meditative study. Included are 5 color plates of Steiner's blackboard drawings. These five lectures were given by Rudolf Steiner at Dornach in October of 1923. The are from the lecture series entitled, The Close Experiencing of the Running of the Year in Four Cosmic Immaginations published in German as, Das Miterleben des Jahreslaufes in Vier Kosmischen Imaginationen. (vol. 229 in the Bibliographic Survey).