It’s simply too hot, but if you start early enough, (pre daybreak) and get in the water you can get in a little fly fishing until around noon. With the summer heat you can catch some incredible numbers of fish, if you can avoid the heat rash, heat stroke, and other heat related problems. I bailed out during the worst of the summer heat, and did a fishing trip to northern Wisconsin. Temperatures were mild, the fishing was good, and being in the company of family and friends was great. My 3 year old grandson Bronson caught his first fish, then several more. I caught Bass, Pike, Crappie, and Blue Gill. While I was shutout of catching any Musky (again), I stopped by the 66th Annual Musky Fest in Hayward, Wisconsin. I enjoyed simple summer pleasures like brats on the grill, lightening bugs, A & W Root Beer floats, and I needed a long sleeved shirt to set around the evening camp fire. Our hot time of the year will end eventually, and you will need to plan your fall Puerto Peñasco trip.