Night's Dark Terror Session 09 | RPGMP3
The party arrive at a plan to avoid the gullies of ruined Xitaqa and run across the top of the escarpment and use some useful magic to gain direct access to the tower. Inside they encounter all kinds of strange rooms and creatures and they chase the wizard inside and look for Stephan. Becca: Kali the Feral Rakasta Druid Erin: Kerri Deez the Variant Human Cleric of Time Tim: Brutalix the Bull Lupin Barbarian Leah: Ellyjobell the Sky Gnome Rogue (NPCed by Hal this session) Nick: Devitt Scurll the Sidhe Fighter Glen: Tyrell Quintus the Variant Human Wizard Hal: The Dungeon Master Come and chat about games and stuff on the RPGMP3 Discord server. Do you love this? Why not come and sign up to help keep the site running on Patreon?