Roque's Weekly Review for 6/12/2019 - ROQUÉ
Well, it’s Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by to check out another update from me. I have more photography to feature this week, but this time I have photos I took during last weekend’s road trip to Asheville, NC. I loaded my car with stuff on a rainy Friday morning to head east. Most of the drive was on a highway, but I decided to take an alternate route once I hit the mountains past Knoxville. This detour took me through long and winding country roads. I passed through sleepy small towns tucked deep inside hollows and out-of-the-way places. There were aging barns and old wooden homes that seemed to lean toward the sun the way flowers do. I traveled through 256 miles to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We spent the weekend eating delicious food, singing karaoke, watching Netflix, and having long conversations about life while the rain kept falling outside. My friend gave me a tour of his lovely flower and vegetable garden along with the private oasis he built for himself behind his house. We had not seen each other in a couple of years. It is always meaningful to reconnect with a good friend. Here are the photos I took from the garden tour he gave me just outside his front door . . . FEATURED WORK NEW BLOG POSTS FROM TROPICAL SHADE OF GREEN Every week on Sundays, I post some new writing on my blog Tropical Shade of Green. The newest post discusses how and why I do all of this writing. If you only read one of my posts, this one is a good one. You can check it out here: It is always important to me to share my knowledge with others who might be interested. This is the first post (of a series) in which I explain my photography process: Thank you for stopping by. It means the world to me that you have joined me on my personal creative journey through life. I have a lot more that I plan to share. Keep on enjoying these sunny summer days. Go have a picnic or eat some ice cream. -Roqué Related