Roque's Weekly Review Birthday Edition (8/28/18) - ROQUÉ
Today is my birthday!!! Instead of doing an update on Wednesday, I thought I’d do it today, August 28, 2018, on my actual birthday! There is only one thing I want to announce today! I just released the inaugural and birthday edition of my new monthly e-newsletter PIANISSIMO. It is jam packed with all kinds of new information and updates that I have not previously shared. It was sent out to all of the email addresses on my mailing list this morning, but I wanted to make it viewable to all of you as well. To view the special first issue, click on the link right here: Pianissimo You will find all kinds of details about my life, information about upcoming releases, and an updated, visually-oriented Poetry Room. I am going to thoroughly enjoy my birthday! Have a wonderful week! I know I will. -Roqué Related