Roof Garden Design - Rooftop Garden Ideas
Effective ideas and tips Roof gardens are becoming more and more popular in these days due to lack of urban environment. So many people like to create a beautiful garden on the roof of homes and buildings to increase the beauty and value of home. In order to create the roof garden, one must make sure that building is up to the weight of soil that is required for garden. Roof garden design can be very beneficial if created in professional way. It not only gives a feel of nice landscape but also increase the beauty and value of the home. Before creating the roof garden you must considered the following things. Check the foundation in which you are creating you roof garden Must check the water drainage Weight ability of the roof Water proofing There are many unique and excellent ways for roof garden design. People choose the ways of roof garden design according the condition of the roof and according to their requirements. A simple design is always easy and best option for