Mildew formation in plants is annoying. The reason for the mold formation is that your pots do not get air and do not see enough sun. The dim and airless environments are the most suitable environments for the formation and growth of molds. Like all living things, plants need clean air and sunlight. If molds start to occur in plants in your home, you must move your plants to another place with plenty of light. Only light does not see your business. At the same time you need an atmosphere where ventilation is good. It is ideal for bright daylight plants where you can enter fresh air everyday and occasionally create airflow. 1 spoon carrots and 1 spoon liquid soap in 1 liter of water and spray once a week. First try in a single plant and if you get good results, do this once a week. It is very important that you prepare the mixture fresh every time. In addition, this type of operation is crucial for your plants in the morning. KEEPING THE PLANTS AWAY FROM MOLD KEEPING THE PLANTS AWAY