COMPOSTING MADE EASY - Rooftop Garden Ideas
In fact, in your home without having to garden, even on your balcony you can achieve fantastic results, you can evaluate organic waste, balcony gardens, can produce a very beneficial nutrient broth for ornamental plants, it is quite easy to implement this method can provide a rich soil for plants. Compost, also referred to as Black Gold, can be expressed as decomposing vegetable and animal wastes in a humid-oxygen environment and transforming into organic fertilizer. Composting is not only a convertible solution for the garbage problem, but it also makes it possible to enliven even the most inefficient land due to the liquid and fertilizer produced during and after the process A person who lives in the city revealed that about 1.5 kg of garbage a day, and we think it's composed of a large proportion of organic residues, we have Consider first the potential of the mine. Assessing even a small fraction of these emerging wastes can have a very positive impact on the protection of the