Best Roof Garden Plants You should plant - Rooftop Garden Ideas
If you are living in an apartment or house where your rooftop is having shades from large trees or buildings and you thought that you won`t be able to fulfill your roof top garden desire than you may be wrong. There are options available for you. Like there are certain edibles which can grow very well even under shades. So you can have a vegetable roof garden on your apartment under shade. Mostly there are spaces that are comes under shades remain unproductive for some farmers or they grow some plants just to fill up the space, but if you are facing the same problem then you should go for vegetables as these can not only make your garden look beautiful but are also very productive. If you think that you can also grow some fruits in your shady space, then you should change your idea or think again because fruits require high amount of sunlight and cannot grow properly under shades. Following is the list of some vegetables that require just