Leading Digital Transformation (Step 5)- Empower and Remove Barriers
The purpose of this stage is to overcome barriers to Digital Transformation. It is crucial to remove barriers to change, change systems or structures that pose threats to digital transformation. These barriers could be structure, skills, systems and supervisors. Three main best practices for removing barriers to change are: Educate & Engage When major changes are initiated we need to think about new behavior, skills and attitudes that are required in the new world. A good training with right kind of experience enables digital transformation in a big way. Always remember that encouraged and empowered employees make an enterprise win! Inform & Negotiate Every transformation will have it’s fair share of problem stakeholders. A huge category of such problem stakeholders can be influenced directly and indirectly. These stakeholders are not just against the change but also have huge organizational influence. There is no way that your change will be successful without including them in the process. Understanding the real needs/fears of such stakeholders is very critical as you try to negotiate with them to be the supporters of your change. Every time after a successful negotiations I feel like this Ignore Some of the problem stakeholders are completely against the change but don’t have huge influence on the organization. The best strategy for such stakeholders is to give them very high level information and keep them out of your routine. You may like to negotiate with such stakeholders but that may not be the best use of your time! Related Articles: 8 steps to digital transformation Leading Digital Transformation (Step 1) Creating Sense of Urgency Leading Digital Transformation (Step 2) Build a Guiding Coalition Leading Digital Transformation (Step 3) Develop Vision & Strategy Leading Digital Transformation (Step 4) Communicate and Enlist volunteers Related