I don't quite get it. The pretty blond girl with the high, high heels and the short, short skirt struggling and attracting a LOT of attention, but what was the point? Was it a hoax of some sort?
If this really was a hoax, I couldn’t figure out the endgame. Two months later, I’m still scratching my head. For starters, Walmart is my least favorite store on the planet — except when it isn’t. This particular Tuesday, it was the only way to go. I needed a small folding table for my Good News Club, and I knew they’d have it. I figured it wouldn’t be too crowded this early in the afternoon, but everything close to the front was taken, including the “handicapped” parking. Drat. However, the next aisle over I saw a small red car — not a sports car, just a little compact — with its trunk open as the couple were putting the packages in. She was some looker – long blond hair, great figure and wearing a short skirt with high, high heels. I figured by the time I made a loop down… Read More »