Hollyhocks, snapdragons and chrysanthemums! Do you love to garden? So do I. Well, no, that isn’t exactly the truth. I love gardens. I love flowers. But working to make that happen, eh, maybe not so much. What I love is planting flowers, watering them and watching them bloom. What I don’t love is weeding, spraying for bugs and pruning. My garden changes from year-to-year and I never know exactly why. For three years my backyard was ringed with amazingly tall, beautiful pink, purple and magenta hollyhocks. They towered over the fence and were a joy to look at. Then, for some reason I’ll never understand, they stopped reproducing themselves in spite of my best efforts of re-seeding, putting down more dirt and plant food and even going so far as to talk to them. So I planted snapdragons which are, technically, an annual but seem to re-seed pretty well. So… Read More »