Come meet my cats! There are four of these rascals, each of whom was a “rescue” in some form or other. My original cat, Smokey, was born in my backyard – the mother, Patches, actually belonged to the neighbors but somehow when it was time for the kittens to be born, Patches wisely removed herself from the household with three rambunctious children and chose a corner of my yard under the large oleander bush which made it pretty much inaccessible to anyone but her. Once the kittens were old enough, I found homes for each one and with every kitten gave the admonition: “If for any reason this doesn’t work out, you bring the kitten back to me. Do not take it to a shelter or just give it away.” And wouldn’t you know, three months later, when she was no longer a cute kitten but now a gangly teen-age… Read More »