Bears with Furniture -
According to Rita Rudner, bachelors live like bears with furniture. I’ve found this to be true. A quick shout-out to Rita Rudner: She is classy, funny and clean. If you ever get a chance to see her, I guarantee you will laugh a lot. But back to the bears: I have known two bachelors in my life who fit Miss Rudner’s description perfectly. One was my brother, the other is my friend Lonnie. Both are wonderful, kind men who would give you the shirt off their back (Oh, no — that is not a pretty sight — put it back on, please!) But they do have their peculiarities. One, which they both shared, is their method of washing dishes. I call it the “fire hose method.” It works like this: Take all the dishes out of the sink. Turn the water on full blast — all the way. Pick… Read More »