College cleaning staff very impressive hard-working group
College cleaning staff very impressive hard-working group Article by: 27476 OCdt Danielle Fielding Danielle Fielding What is something that goes unnoticed when it is present, but when gone are noticed. There are most certainly many answers to this; however, one of the most important people at RMC, are the members of the cleaning staff. Many of these unsung heroes remain anonymous. Day in, and day out, the cleaners work long shifts to ensure the cleanliness of all the building on the peninsula. Waking up at the crack of dawn, their days start early in the morning at 0600. They check in at their office, located in the Stone Frigate, and begin their daily routine. Some are tasked with dormitories, others with academic buildings, and some have the staff offices. No matter the task, they are all equally as important and appreciated by those who frequent the areas. In the dormitories, the floors, bathrooms, showers and garbage are cleaned daily, to ensure the hygiene of the areas and avoid sickness amongst the cadets. With so many living so closely together, it’s important to reduce the germs. In the academic buildings it’s the chalkboards and hallways that need the most cleaning. Every day hundreds of classes are taught during the school year and every day the chalkboards are wiped clean, ready for a new day. Sean, now one of the full time cleaners, started as a casual worker in October of 2012. He says he thoroughly enjoys working at RMC and the staff are wonderful to work with. Although he does not work in the dormitories, he enjoys the chances he has to interact with the cadets. Corey is the one in charge of the cleaners. He has been working at RMC for 19 years, and when he first started it used to only be contract work. Corey has noticed an increase in the number of cadets over the years, as well as more buildings being added, but states that the day to day stays roughly the same. The busiest time of the year is right after graduation as all the cadets are leaving and in August, right before all the cadets return from their summer training. Every room is cleaned spotlessly. In addition, the cleaners are some of the only staff who work year round. They work throughout the winter holidays, only getting stat holidays. During some important weekends, like reunion weekend, they are also asked to come in and work overtime. The cleaners are some of the hardest working staff members at RMC and deserved to be noticed.