3557 JR Rutherford – SPORTS – EDITORIAL: Words of Wisdom Still Applicable 62 Years Later
SPORTS EDITORIAL Representative sports at R.M.C. should show to all and sundry that the cadets of the Royal Military College excel in sportsmanship. Sportsmanship should be of the highest order and be clearly evident whether the cadets be on top or bottom. If it is, as it seems to be, easiest to display sportsmanship while playing on a winning team it would therefore be easiest to learn good sportsmanship while playing on a winning team. Winning teams may be had in several ways, the importation of excellent athletes; the acquisition of professional coaches; and the arousing of genuine interest of the non-participating members of the Cadet Wing in representative sports. The enlisting of youths primarily for their athletic ability with little regard given to their academic or leadership abilities is of course not recommended, although a potential recruit possessing great athletic ability should not be ignored because of low academics resulting from heavy participation in extracurricular activities. The second alternative ̶ the hiring of professional coaches ̶ is at present impossible because of the meagre allocation of funds to athletics. Non-professional but still able coaches for most sports are to be found in the services, and by the “pulling of a few strings” these coaches could be assigned to R.M.C. as physical training instructors, professors or staff officers. The arousing of interest in representative sports at first appears to be the most obvious method to encourage winning teams but it is also the most difficult. Interest could be simulated by making attendance compulsory, if necessary by the use of parades. To an outsider or an underling it appears that the employment of good coaches is the easiest way to get winning teams, while the stimulation of Wing interest is probably the most important factor and would probably have the most lasting effect. 3557 JR Rutherford – SPORTS EDITOR – 1955 REVIEW