The Top 10 Creepy Ventriloquist Puppet Album Covers | Riot Daily
There's really nothing more frightening than a weirdo/religious fanatic with a puppet speaking to your children via scratchy vinyl. Here's the Top 10 to avoid... 1. Little Marcy Sings to Toddlers ... until they shit their pants with terror. 2. Trees Talk Too ... since I've gone off my meds. 3. Do You Know Jesus? ... because you're going to meet him. 4. Oscar Zamora y Don Chema - El Padrecito - My favorite part of this record is when the Mexican Saw puppet comes to life and chases prostitutes. 5. AMEN! ... this creepy fucking record is out of print. 6. Mountain Tales... are typically full of murder and incest. 7. Adventures of Uncle Cousin - There's nothing I can say that would make the actual title more disturbing. 8. Uncle "D" Talks with Charlie & Sheila ... about where they're going to hide your body. 9. RAPTURE! - Clearly, these lunatics have figured out a way to make "the end of days" sound even more horrific and insane. 10. Mr. Dress Up ... in ladies