Mother of the Year! 20 Parenting Fails That Will Make You Cringe | Riot Daily
It's almost Mother's Day. Have you called your Mom recently? You should... and thank her, because she isn't any of these mothers. The cold steel of a pistol helps soothe Baby's teething. via Strengthen Baby's immune system by covering it with bacteria from a convenience store floor. via Allow all the blood to rush to Baby's head for a quick and effortless naptime. via "Breastfeeding and spray tans, do not mix!!" (crying tears of laughter) via Stay Classy... via Why pay for a babysitter, when you can put that cash into a slot machine instead? After all, nobody can monitor your baby better than the casino's security cameras. via Don't waste money on an expensive and comfortable stroller! Babies can fold up neatly into any affordable utility cart. via Harness your kid to your Jazzy. You'll save precious battery life and provide your child with beneficial exercise at the same time. via Walking is one of the best