April Fool's Day Pranks | Riot Daily
April Fool's Day! That one time of the year where it's totally acceptable to act like a juvenile douche. Live it up! If you're short on ideas, I've outlined some favorites below. But, proceed with caution! Riot Daily accepts no liability or responsibility for any injury, illness, damage, or ass kickings that may result from these pranks. You're on your own. Toilet of Terrors. A true classic. Simply tape a scary poster or a printout of your favorite ghoul under the toilet seat, close the lid, and wait. If you want to use the Fulci zombie below, there's a high-res version for printout here. (source: Got a creepy mask, a few brooms, some old clothes, and duct tape? Set this creep up in a doorway. (source: imgur) Keep it simple, by completely wrapping your victims phone in rubberbands, then text them! (source: Or, cover the bottom of their mouse. (source: imgur) Or, slip some bubble wrap underneath a rug. (source: imgur) &nbsp