Simply Propelled: A 1500 km Warm-Up | Kinekt
Originally Posted On July 29, 2017 by Dan Clark Travelling by bike can be joyfully simple or insanely complicated. The reality oscillates between these two poles on a minute-by-minute and day-to-day basis, especially when you are travelling as a family of four in the wilderness. It takes some time to settle into a new routine and really get rolling - about 1500 km in our case. Week 1: Apprehension and Adjustment Riding from the most northerly road-head in Canada as a young family was daunting and more often than not overwhelming. In our first week, apprehension arose with each new challenge: the voracious bugs, heavily loaded bikes on looming ascents, hard-hitting squalls on the exposed tundra, or oppressive heat in calm clear conditions under a 24-hour sun. Day 6 was pivotal. I nearly gave up on the entire nine-month project (to ride from the Arctic to Mexico along the Continental Divide as a family). The climb ahead looked impossible under a stiff headwind that tore across the