Cascade Cross #1 Race Report – Corbin H. | Kinekt
Mother Nature has left us quite dry for the start of the 2017/18 Cyclocross Season. With the fast rolling courses and dusty obstacles, we find that every race thus far has delivered a pretty bumpy ride. Without the rain and all too familiar swamp fest racing conditions, I have found that riding with the Kinekt Post has left me wondering why I've only recently begun racing on one. While the advantages of riding with Kinekt are clear in all conditions, hitting those dry, compact and abusive features make certain key elements become quite obvious. Cyclocross certainly takes a toll on our bodies (my low back especially) and challenges our performance efficiencies as riders. Last week at Cascade Cross Bellingham BMX, I learned real quick that I had been missing out on optimizing these efficiencies in the past from both the performance and therapeutic side. I can't deny the significant reduction in physical stress on my low back and the quicker recovery to follow. Night and day as I had put