Stopping to Plagiarize on a Snowy Evening - Rick C. Barry
No, as an author I truly don’t endorse the pilfering of another writer’s material. However, once the inspiration for the following poem sprouted in my mind, creativity took over. The idea practically begged me to write it, just for fun. This poem is a repeat, as I shared it on my blog one year ago. It’s one of the very few poems this author has attempted. So many people got a laugh that I’m rerunning it. Enjoy! Stopping to Plagiarize on a Snowy Evening By Rick Barry (with inspiration from Robert Frost) Whose words these are I think I know. His lawyer isn’t watching, though. He will not see me scanning here To steal his words, which nicely flow. My little dog must think it queer To filch these lines without fear, To pinch the words and be a fake, The darkest cunning of the year. He gives his dog tags a loud shake As if to warn, “A lot’s at stake!” The only other sound’s the beep My printer makes as lines I take. These words are lovely, rich and deep, But me? I have deadlines to keep, And lines to type before I sleep, And lines to type before I sleep.