This Makes a Great Day of Wildlife Photography!
.....for me. What makes "Great" day in your wildlife photography? Do tell me. I really enjoy photographing wildlife. Moving to Nikon cameras from my old Hasselblad "V" System camera enabled me to get some long glass. I started with the Nikkor 200.0-400.0mm f/4 lens primarily for birds and warbirds (i.e. anything that flies!), largely inspired by Moose Peterson. It is nearly 5 years since I acquired the 600.0mm f/4 lens and since then it has been my most used lens of any. Very much shooting wildlife and predominantly birds. A good day is being able to do good work with the available species. A Great day is capturing a new species. Unlike "birders" who must see the bird through their bins or scope (and I believe a bird can be added to the list by recognizing its call) I need to get a good photograph that is tack sharp in order to add the species to my list. So far this year I have photographed 24 new species for my list. Here are images of some of [...]