This Guy Deserves an Award !
While in Yellowstone National Park, I had stopped to work a pair of Trumpeter Swans (Cygnus buccinator) and noticed a group of cars pulled off the road just up the hill - probably bear! Having finished with the swans, I decided to walk up to the other cars to see what was going on. As I lifted my camera and tripod a mass of very excited people were heading down to where I was standing. So I reset my gear and almost immediately spotted a big Grizzly Bear Boar (Ursus arctos) walking in and out of the tree line across the valley. To visit my Grizzly Bear Gallery Click HERE To Add one of these images to your collection click on the image. He was on a mission that only he knew, but his leisurely steps belied his real speed. So having my initial shots I upped and hurried further down the road. Most of the onlookers thought he was going to appear over the hill which came up to the road. This would have been much to close for safety, but I was convinced that [...]