Mum and Pup Sea Otters (Enhydra lutris)
It is always great to photograph these, the smallest of marine mammals, as they just look so cute and cuddly. We had seen them on our visit to Alaska where they were "rafted up" in their hundreds. But this Mum and Pup we spotted while on a cruise with Archipelago Cruises out of Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. As would be common along the western seaboard they are floating in a kelp bed. The sequence of shots shows that Mum was holding on to the Pups foot probably for safety. Then, although the Pup isn't small anymore (not short of fully grown by the looks of it) she hauls junior up onto her belly by pulling him up there by his foot / rear leg. Once the position is achieved, both look happy and relaxed. I look forward to more encounters with these charming little marine mammals. We have to thank Al and Toddy of Archipelago Cruises for such an excellent day - couldn't have done it without them. This cruise alone was worth the visit to The Island. To acquire [...]