The Votes are IN !
The Mountain is Out 4 Mesa Arch 12 Aspens 3 Thanks to all that voted. I must admit that I was hoping to have many more sign up for the blog, but that's OK. When we have the shield delivered I will post an image so that you can see how it looks. There were a lot of "shares" and a few RTs - thank you all. As promised the names were put into my cowboy hat for each entry.... and Louise picked one out....... And the winner is ....... Congratulations Colleen - you get to choose which image you would like, from any of the three websites, and in what format - Fine Art Print (colour or B&W images), Canvas (colour only) or High Gloss Aluminum (colour only). Please just email your selection and it will be done! Maybe a picture with you next to your finished print once installed? To share? Warmest Regards to all and special thanks to my assistant. Share [...]