Apache Inspired Art Meets Urban Artist - Rez Media Group
Sharing is CaringCommon in the Southwest is the artistic depiction of Native American culture through painting, sculpture and photography. Often times, we recognize similarities in art through perspectives of Native artists, that was until Yavapai-Apache artist Charles Decker entered the art scene. Decker comes from the Yavapai-Apache Nation and is a graduate student at Fort Lewis College studying business and marketing. As a young artist, Decker has been widely recognized for his fresh and innovative approach through his art, incorporating celestial motifs, symbols and landscapes with the traditional Apache world. Decker is part of a new and fresh generation of artists, who use modern and contemporary approaches to depict their traditional Native roots. Decker emerges from the “Nagozogen” clan or “One who marks on the ground people”. Interestingly enough, he’s turned out to be an artist just as his Apache clan name indicates. Decker’s great great grandfather was Henry Irving, a well noted Apache medicine man who was born in Cibecue, Arizona and later grew up in Star Valley East of Payson during the mid to late 1800’s. Henry was known as Deyelleh or “One who dreams”. Today, Decker reflects on his Apache ancestral roots for inspiration in [...]