9 Fast Food Trends for 2016 (QSR Magazine)
These customer trends are sure to shake up the limited-service industry in the coming year. We've gazed into our crystal ball, read the stars, and turned over our Magic 8 Ball a few times, all in an attempt to divine what trends will affect the limited-service restaurant industry in the coming year. OK, that's not what happened. We just poured over 2016 forecasts from more than a dozen restaurant experts and research firms and concluded which of the upcoming trends will have the greatest impact on our side of the industry.In some cases, these trends simply indicate a tipping point for matters that have been percolating for several years. Other trends are new, the result of an industry that is adapting quickly to its constantly changing customer base. All of them, though, are sure to leave their mark on quick-service and fast-casual restaurants in 2016. 1. Real food One trend made its way onto more forecasts than any other: clean eating, or food made with ingredients that are free of