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SING & REJOICE This recording celebrates 30 years of Washington Revels and honors what lies at the core of every Revels performance: the music. It also celebrates those who perform it—our volunteer adult and children's choruses, the brass, our artistic directors, and the many others who have helped us celebrate community, culture, and tradition through the years. Sing & Rejoice presents a potpourri drawn from Christmas Revels productions, featuring previously unrecorded music: choral anthems, rousing rounds, audience favorites, and other songs, familiar and new, spanning eras from medieval Spain to 20th-century America and countries around the globe. It not only marks our 30th anniversary, but also celebrates the common threads—music, community, and tradition—that bind us through the ages as a human race. For that, we sing and rejoice! Release date December 2013 REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS BRASSED A Christmas Revels Retrospective, 1996-2012 The release of this recording celebrates