Will AGENTMATCH Disrupt Real Estate? OR "Look There's A Squirrel!" |
There was a great article on Inman News about the backlash from's new AgentMatch progam. AgentMatch, currently aimed at sellers and available only in Las Vegas and Boulder, Colo., is designed to identify top agents in a consumer's search area through an algorithm based on recent sales, list-to-sale-price ratio, average days on market of homes listed, recommendations and other information. The article, not surprisingly garnered a lot of action in the comments section from people in the real estate space. The reaction isn't surprising. As an industry we are incredibly "other directed", reacting to industry events that we perceive might impact us rather than being proactive and creating events in our market that will impact our business. But I digress.... The first backlash was not about the program, but about its being promoted on as opposed to some other portal. Many members of NAR seem to feel that - should have a different set of business rules than