What Feeds Your Blog? |
Photo by Glutnix There are lots of directions that real estate professionals take in their blogging efforts. And even more conversation in the blogosphere about blogging. It may be a narcissistic trend. Or maybe we just want others to validate our direction or the business benefit of this , as yet unquantified activity. But I think that many bloggers are driven by a desire to write and create, and mirroring that desire to write is a desire to be read. Without readers, we are merely individuals standing on a rocky shore yelling out into the void. But how do we find those readers? There are so many different blogs. The Hyper-Local Blog, The News Blogs. The OP Ed type of Blog. The Introspective Blog. The Photo Blog and its brother the Video Blog (VLOG). The Political Blog. And the Hobby Blog. I picture each of them like little pets, each with a different cartoony type of head indicating their Genus, and all needing different care and feeding. And we, the writers have to feed them