The End of the Real Estate Agent |
I would bet that if your son or daughter came home from school crying because someone criticized them, you would probably tell them that they shouldn't be concerned. You might tell them that their value is in what they do and how they act, and not in what others tell them about their actions. And you would be totally correct. We are far better off when we are directed by our inner values and our own needs than when we react to the approval or disapproval of others. And yet in the real estate business, we seem to be constantly other-directed. According to, people that are other-directed are "Directed or guided chiefly by external standards as opposed to one's own standards or values". In other words they are busy reacting to the world instead of creating their space and making their mark based on their own values and principals. In a recent post in the Facebook group "Raise the Bar" started with "Key excerpt: "Zillow allows homeowners and homebuyers the ability to