Living in the Internet |
Who Needs a Second Life? I don't need a program called "Second Life". I've tried it but I just don't "get it". I know I can fly, but I keep bumping into things when I try. I'm not interested in trying to be a different body type or sex on screen. Not because I am not interested in adventures, that just doesn't constitute an adventure to me. I'm not interested in buying virtual real estate, because I want to buy real real estate. And until they can figure out how to get to taste the virtual chocolate, I would rather order my Sundaes in first life, even if that means that I have to get on the treadmill to pay for it. A thought occurs to me for a new virtual reality game. You eat here, and if your avatar works out, you don't gain weight. Or maybe we could set things up so you drink all night with your friends and your Avatar makes bad decisions and gets hungover-Now I'll bet people would line up for days to play that game! But I have a Second Set of Friends All of that having been said. I