Brokerage,Value,And Being Champions |
(DISCLAIMER; anyone reading this post should be aware that I find Rob Hahn an interesting intelligent, well read individual with a fascinating perspective on the real estate industry and a keen analytical mind. Under no circumstances should any of the following be construed to indicate that I have anything but the utmost respect for Rob as an individual , and for his views, no matter how much I disagree with him. I will also go on record that the conversations and disagreements that I have with him in person provide me with immense pleasure, and make me think about topics from a point of view that I might otherwise have ignored. One of my best moments at RETSO7 was a hallway conversation with Rob that was almost as fanciful as the latest X-Men movies) I just read Rob Hahn's recent blog post in which he suggests that the real estate brokerage and the real estate broker should be the stewards of the industry. The post started out by suggesting that, regardless of the business goals of a