I am sorry by Eva-Maria Grossmayer-Gurney - Renee Vos de Wael
I AM SORRY… My intuition tells me this person will not change. I ignore it and continue hoping. My intuition tells me something is not right in this situation. I ignore it and get caught up. My intuition tells me this is my way. I ignore it and live the life of others. My intuition tells me I can do it. I ignore it and let the fear win. My intuition tells me that I deserve love. I ignore it and isolate myself. I feel depressed… I start to think about my life and realise that something inside me has always given me the right hints but I have chosen to ignore them. “I am sorry that I ignored you, my intuition, and did not give you the appropriate space and respect.” From now on my intuition and I walk together… Magª (FH) Eva-Maria Grossmayer-Gurney Transition Coach phone: +43(0)699 819 450 52 skype: coach-em website: The S.W.A.T. Institute”s “Business Behind the Business Program” — will teach you everything you need to master the business side of turning your passion into profits; and it is now available to every woman who needs help launching and growing her unique brand/business.