Accept a gift when you are given one - Renee Vos de Wael
“Know who you are, and be it. Know what you want, and go out and get it!” ~ Carroll Bryant This week felt a little bit as a reflection week. You probably recognize that, it is when we have more time to sit down and think about everything and nothing. Not that I was bored or anything, but for some reason I was early at appointments or the kids pick up’s and there was just a lot of time to reflect. I did enjoy this, because for the first time in a long time there was time to really look at what has been happing and what all these events have done to me. It is funny that life can be so overwhelming at times that you hardly have time to think, you just keep going and going to get it all done. The last few weeks, I have been realizing that my last few year have been true gifts. The people I have met that have made a real impression on me. They have asked straight to the point questions to me and kept me on my toe’s. Over the summer I already felt the need to send out thank you note to some of these people. Some of them send me really nice messages back and other just didn’t say anything. In a way my thank you wasn’t received. That got me thinking, because it is not up to us to also fill in how the messages is received as well. I have talked about this before, but it starts to make complete sense to me. The last few month I have seen and experience how you can manifest what you want and what you desire and do you know what……………….most of the time we’re already have received what we really want. Sometimes it is just time to take of the wrapper and except the gift. Sometime we need to pay attention to what is here in this very right moment. So it doesn’t matter how other react to you or around you. It is important how we react ourselves, because this is creating the experience we are having right now at this moment. I was interviewed by the amazing storyteller Lisa Bloom and she asked me to tell one of my stories. To be honest before our conversation started I thought about so many stories to tell and wondered if any one would be interested in hearing any of the story’s. Again for some reason our appointment together went differently this week. We had our time zone wrong and we started talking at a moment of the day that none of us were really prepared for the conversation and it went the direction is was supposed to go. Again for myself a moment to reflected on my life! You’re very welcome to read this of course ” Seeing, Knowing” By Lisa Bloom. Staying in the moment is the best gift you can give yourself and others. This will give you the opportunity to truly enjoy what is going on. Even if it is an event you don’t really want to do or be part of. Take your time to observe and if you don’t like what your seeing; find the answer to the question “how you can approach this next time in a different way.” It is your time to be the best you can be and by doing so, you’re the one handing out the presents to every one you love. Namaste, Renee Intuitive Coaching is updated on a regular basis. You can stay up to date with this blog by leaving your email address at the right on top of the page.