Reg’s Wine Blog – Post # 58, How Much Wine is Good for You, March 16, 2018. - Reg's Wine Blog
In my previous blog Post # 57, published March 1st, I talked about warning labels on alcohol. Specifically I talked about how the Yukon Liquor Corporation embarked on a warning label program last November and promptly suspended it one month later. You may recall they were using two warning labels, one saying “Alcohol can cause breast, colon, and other cancers”, and the other saying “To reduce health risks, drink no more than 2 (for a woman) or 3 (for a man) standard drinks a day. Plan two or more non-drinking days each week”. So you cannot be blamed for wondering if wine or alcohol is good for you at all, and if so in how much quantity, and why it is good for you. Let’s take a look at some of the latest thinking on this subject. A recently published article (February 2, 2018) written by Iben Lundgaard et al,Read more