Post # 68 - Tasting the Apothic Red wines from E. + J. Gallo - Reg's Wine Blog
On March 9th we were celebrating a family birthday party and held a mini wine tasting of the locally available Apothic Red wines from E. + J. Gallo Wines. . Our quest was to find inexpensive wines suitable for everyday drinking, something well known, easily available almost everywhere, that you will undoubtedly run into often at parties, barbeques and family gatherings. We tasted the classic Apothic Red, the Apothic Dark, and the Apothic Inferno. Below you will find our collective thoughts on these wines. We started with a tune-up wine to get everyone settled around the table, so we tried the Trapiche Malbec 2017, a simple inexpensive red wine that we purchased for $9.95 at the SAQ (Quebec Liquor board). This wine hails from the Mendoza region of Argentina. The wine was young, thin, and a little acidic, and we should have decanted it for at least another 3 hoursRead more