Post # 67 - Understanding Restaurant Wine Lists, How to Navigate Your Way Through Them. - Reg's Wine Blog
Understanding restaurant wine lists and being able to navigate your way through them fast and efficiently is vital to getting full value for your dining experience. Many people are terrified at the thought of having to select the dinner wine from a restaurant’s wine list, and with good reason. You usually get seated, your waiter brings you the dinner menu and the wine list. Your water glass gets filled, then your waiter introduces himself and asks you what you would like to drink. If you intend to drink wine, you have had no time to look at the wine list, and no time to discuss what your other dinner partners want – white or red or bubbles. Right away you are under pressure to perform miracles and find the perfect wine in 15 awkward seconds or less. So what do you do? Well most people stall for time, and tellRead more