Week of Wardrobe: July 18th - July 24th, 2016 | REBECCAJONESHOWE.COM
Started out a nice 23 degrees this week, so I managed to wear my tights for what will probably be the last time before the end of the summer. We’re now at around 33 degrees and higher so I’m pretty sure that I’ll be posting fewer outfit pictures because SUMMER IS COMING and Imma gonna look like trash. I don’t wear tank tops (because I don’t like my arms) and I’m not much of a shorts person (because my thighs like to eat ’em up). Summers usually consists of whatever knee-length skirts and dresses I own, and also probably capris and t-shirts when I gets so unbearably hot that I just wanna die instead of venturing anywhere where air conditioning or a swimming pool doesn’t exist. There’s a point where I don’t care what I look like, and that point is once I enter the confines of my house, as well as when the thermometer hits about 36 degrees (which is supposed to happen this week!) Hopefully over the next couple days I can crank down and really get some writing done. I’ve currently got a writer outfit on, so perhaps next week will feature a few of those, which will for once be a good thing, right? WHERE I GET ALL OF MY COOL STUFF