A Week of Wardrobe: July 11th - July 17th, 2016 | REBECCAJONESHOWE.COM
Let’s talk about pattern mixing a bit, because I’ve been getting obsessed with it as of late. There are rules all over about pattern mixing, but the real trick is having an eye for it, as well as training your eye to see patterns that mix well. It used to be I’d only pattern mix with something geometric (like stripes or polka-dots) with something a bit more wild (florals or whatever the hell else). Every so often though, I’ll be folding my clothes and I’ll notice patterns that look half-decent. I’ll try them on. I’ll make a new outfit. It’ll look good. So here are some of the general things I’ve noticed about the pattern-mixes that I get comments on: Use simple geometic patterns: If you’re new to pattern mixing, stripes are pretty much your go-to option. Polka-dots also work really well. I usually stick with the geometric rule when mixing. Plaids and checkers also work well if they’re simple plaids, too. Use of colour: Like my luggage tag skirt/floral shirt combo, the colours are similar and balance each other. You can also pull contrasting colours between the top and bottom pieces. My gramophone top/floral skirt combo, the white of the gramophones contrast with the white of the skirt. Use a belt: To break up more complex patterns, use a wide belt. It also cinches the waist, so hurrah. SHOP THE LOOKS MONDAY: Top: Sugarhill Boutique // Skirt: Winners // Necklace: Etsy // Bracelet: Louche THURSDAY: Top: Winners // Skirt: Winners // Watch: La Mer FRIDAY: Top: Sugarhill Boutique // Jeans: Winners // Bracelet: Cath Kidston SUNDAY: Top: Winners // Skirt: Winners // Necklace: Kate Spade // Shoes: Aldo // Belt: Winners // Bracelet: Cath Kidston