Calling All Landlords – We Need to Change the Landlord and Tenant Board
Calling All Landlords, Landowners and Real Estate Investors We need to change the Landlord and Tenant Board, we need our voices heard by the people who are making decisions about our properties. These people are not landlords or real estate investors nor have they suffered through going to a hearing, nor have they had to pay for repair and damages that "Unhappy tenants" felt it was their right to do, and we can't collect for damages!! I'm asking all the landlords, landowners and real estate investors and real estate professionals, lawyers, paralegals, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers and banks to please send out this letter and let our voices be heard!! The Honourable Peter Milczyn Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing 777 Bay St., 17th Floor Toronto, ON M5G 2C8 … Continue reading →