Diamond Maintenance Tips
Except color, clarity, weight and cut, an elegant diamond may have dreamy memories, an unforgettable promise and more expect. But even as hard as diamonds, we should also remember that careful maintenance can make it bright eternity! Diamonds have an affinity for oil, so, people should avoid touching oil while wearing diamond. The oil will stay in your diamond when you wear jewelry, making diamonds shine into the dim, so if stained with oil, wash with detergent or ultrasonic cleaning. But the jewelry with a small diamond piece could not to use ultrasonic cleaning to avoid diamond pieces fall off. We said that the diamond would have a layer of oil after wearing for a period, so clear it usually could keep the light of diamond. So next is to tell some details on clearing diamond jewelry. Detergent: use of container to install warm water, and mix with neutral detergent, then soak diamond jewelry for 10-15 minutes, after this, clear it with clean water and then to dry it. Remember, do not rinse under the tap directly, once the diamond fall off into the sewers that is too late to repent. Quick wash: buy diamond cleaning solution in jewelry shop, and according to the instruction to clean diamond jewelry. Professional Cleaning: do a maintenance for your jewelry in professional jewelry shop every two or three month, including cleaning, renovation and check the diamond loose or not. The highest hardness rating for diamond is 10 degree, which means that this kind of diamond have a higher level for withstand sharp objects scratching than all other gems, so you will feel that they are more easily maintained. But you should note that, although the highest hardness, diamonds are likely to damage each other, so be carefully protected to avoid friction between them. Diamond is composed of carbon material, so it had better preferably wrapped with a soft handkerchief placed. Don't put it into the man-made plastic box. It recommend that you could clean it softly before put it into box. When you do housework, do not let the diamond jewelry stained with chlorine bleach, although it will not damage the diamond, it will fade or change color. Do not wear it while wash or work. Though diamond is hard, it still will be damaged if have a collision with hard goods. Source by Venturiwang