A Tin Cup Necklace : History And Design
The tin cup necklace is one of the most popular necklaces a woman can wear. Women who are young or old, single or married, and every woman in between truly love the beauty of a tin cup necklace. This article goes in depth in explaining what a tin cup necklace is and how many different styles a tin cup necklace can be designed. A tin cupi necklace can consist of either 6, 8 or 10mm pearls. A tin cup necklace will have anywhere between 6 and 12 pearls spaced out along a sterling silver or gold filled beading chain. The pearls on a tin cup necklace can be of any color, the most popular being white for brides. The pearls on a tin cup necklace are crimped on each side with crimping beads so the pearls stay in place. For this reason, a tin cup necklace is usually referred to as a floating pearl necklace or a stationary pearl necklace. If you decide to make a tin cup necklace yourself rather than buying one from a jewelry store, visit this video to learn how. The history behind the tin cup necklace is pretty fascinating. The name comes from the movie, Tin Cup, with Kevin Costner. His nick name was Tin Cup and when he got married, his fiance wore a necklace and they called it the tin cup necklace. It's a really famous movie and romantic at that. The woman that Kevin Costner married starred in another movie where she also wore another tin cup necklace. If you are a woman who is more into crystals rather than pearls, you can always have your tin cup necklace designed with crystals. Same thing applies: 6, 8 or 10 mm crystals are available in just about any color imagineable. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure your tin cup necklace is designed with Swarovski crystals and pearls. These are the highest quality crystals and pearls for the most affordable price that you will be able to find. I hope that you are well on your way to going and getting yourself a tin cup necklace. Source by Joshua